CUPW - Toronto Local Letter to The Hon. Filomena Tassi


The Hon. Filomena Tassi,

1686 Main Street West
Unit 4
Hamilton, Ontario
L8S 0A2

[email protected]


CUPW Toronto Local is very disturbed about the survey you have done about postal workers.

Just so that you know we the postal workers served the public during this ongoing pandemic.

Toronto Local has lost two members due to COVID 19 and thousands of our workers and their families are affected by this pandemic. Despite all these our members never stopped serving public and delivering their mail, goods, medicine and daily essential items.



Sisters and Brothers,


Postal Workers are being attacked by the federal government again. During the pandemic we only received praise while delivering mail including medication, food and supplies to the public on a daily basis.

Minister in charge of Canada Post Filomena Tassi, sends a survey to the interest group with the following questions:

  • Closing rural post offices?
  • Replacing postal workers with machines?
  • Closing all home deliveries and installing community mail box?
  • Cutting mail delivery 3 times a week?



Sisters and Brothers,

The Local has received many inquiries on the issue of LWOP and benefits after November 26th,2021.

The Record of Employment was issued by Canada Post dated December 28th,2021, even though our members were sent home on November 26th, 2021. Canada Post has advised that the December 28th2021 date was used so that members can use their benefits for the first 30 days after they were sent home.



Sisters and Brothers,


Federal government has declared January 29 as National Day of Remembrance of the Québec City Mosque Attack and Action against Islamophobia.

Five years ago, on January 29, 2017, the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City was subjected to a horrific, hateful, and Islamophobic crime. This place of worship was attacked by a gunman who opened fire on the worshipers, killing six people and injuring many more.

COVID-19 and Rapid Test Kit


Sisters and Brothers,


I would like to update you about COVID-19 and Rapid Test Kit for depots. MDC (340 Matheson) was highlighted because of the reported COVID-19 cases.


As of Monday, January 31,2022, members at 340 Matheson will receive 60 level 2 masks and 6 home rapid test kits. These kits for the members at work. 

Meet the President Zoom/Webinar


Meet the President Webinar. Ask your work related questions directly to the Toronto Local President on February 1, 2022 at 7:00pm. The local has received confirmation that the following will be guest speakers at the meeting.   


Special guests speaking on Delivering Community Power

Sister Julee Sanderson, 1st Vice President(CUPW National)
Brother Jean-Philippe Garnier, 3rd Vice President( CUPW National)
Brother Walter Woloschuk, National Director ( CUPW Metro Toronto Region)
Sister Lydia Tabard, National Coordinator, 
Sister Pratibha Gupta, Campaign Coordinator, Metro-Toronto Region.

Questions can also be emailed directly to the  Toronto Local President ahead of the webinar. Send your questions to [email protected].

General Membership Meeting Feb 19/2022 at 9AM


Sisters and Brothers, 


On Feb 19/2022, Toronto Local is scheduling the regular membership monthly meeting.

In order to participate the February GMM,

-You must be a member in Good Standing from Toronto Local 

-You must register by sending email to [email protected] in advance. Registration deadline is before NOON Feb 18/2022 (Your registration must contain your Full Name and ID#)

After registering, you will receive all the documentations you need for this meeting and the link to join the meeting before the GMM. The Agenda for the GMM will be post at Union Boards as per the Local By-Laws. 

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