Sisters and Brothers:


The Toronto Local at our contract demands meeting passed a resolution for NO SSD and to restore all routes, it passed unanimously.

As you are aware the recent arbitration allowed for SSD to continue, we vehemently oppose this decision and it is being appealed by the National Office.  The Local is disgusted by the arbitration decision.  We are asking members to support the demand to get rid of this route measurement process and we urge members to participate in any steps the Local may take, and to fully support the next round of negotiations.


We believe this is a strike issue!  We cannot allow this Corporation to implement systems of work that will cause our members many injuries by the draconian delivery system, sending our members on the street in the extreme heat and cold for longer hours and working until it is dark which will cause accidents.  It is time for us to stand up fight together to get better routes for our letter carriers to be able to perform their jobs until retirement without injury.

Together we are stronger, the struggle continues and we will fight all the way to victory.


An Injury to one is an Injury to All




Adele Chaplain Acting President

CUPW Toronto Local

July 12, 2023

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