Bulletin – March 24, 2021

Sisters and Brothers,

Effective April 1st, 2021, the Toronto Local will be implementing the decision from the charges that were heard by the Disciplinary Committee. These charges were imposed for not following the CUPW National Strike Protocol including the Overtime Ban.

The members who were charged under the National Overtime Ban during the last rotating strike in 2018 and found guilty have already been informed by the disciplinary committee of their decision in 2019.

The disciplinary action taken by the committee range from 3 months to 2 years of loss of membership in good standing.

In order to be reinstated as a CUPW member in good standing, the charged members will have to attend a General Membership Meeting and request from the membership to be reinstated as a member in good standing. The fines imposed will be determined by the General Membership.

The Local will continue to enforce Article 1 of the CUPW National Constitution. The membership of the Toronto Local worked very hard during contract demands and negotiations, followed by the National Strike Protocol including the National Overtime Ban. As a result, CUPW did achieve a notable pay increase while maintaining a defined pension plan with continued job security.

The scabs that worked during the overtime ban unfortunately benefited from the same collective agreement.

"Act like a scab be treated like scab. Which side are you on?"

In Solidarity

Qaiser Maroof


CUPW Toronto Local,

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