Sisters, Brothers and Siblings:

Just so the Local is aware management at SCLPP are micro managing the workers, timing them with every movement they make.  They are deplorable watching members go to the washroom and come back to the work floor noting the time, and standing there watching if hands are not moving every 5 seconds.  This is what they get paid a big bonus for? 


These harassers are constantly mobbing and closely observing and monitoring workers with multiple supervisors towards one worker at a time.  Our members should stick together and if you notice this type of mobbing go stand beside the worker and ask what is going on.

These harassers are constantly attacking Union Stewards for speaking to the membership on the floor to try to weaken the Union, remember it is negotiation time.

The tyrants are running wild showing favoritism towards some who do everything they order and the return for that is a good expectation that they will never be disturbed or harassed.

Activists are looked down on and have no freedom of speech, and if they disagree with management they go insane with the discipline. It is really outrageous.  All supported by the Director Troy Seto.  They never respectfully try to de-escalate any dispute between workers and their henchmen, they are always right in their minds and that is assuming they have a mind.

This military style leadership by Troy Seto and the crew is over the top, the membership in this plant have to do what they want or be punished including being discharged, you could be next even if it is not justified and management is aware of that.

Management does not have to follow the plant rules especially health and safety violations, they violate them all the time.  It is like the a circus when it comes to health and safety there is no accountability on management side, they do not practice what they preach. Workers have to follow plant rules or be disciplined.

Troy Seto and his puppet henchmen do not respect our collective agreement and ignore the rights of workers on a daily basis. When we consult and have agreements, they leave the consultation and do the opposite, it is meaningless to consult with this group.

The Union is asking our members to grieve all infractions that the goons make and bring our work floor back to a place where we all feel safe together.  Management still get bonuses based on many things, but we can reduce their bonuses when they violate our rights under the contract by filing grievances.  Get your pen and paper ready and let’s grieve these infractions.


In Solidarity


Mark Lubinski


CUPW Toronto Local

January 25, 2024

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Sisters, Brothers, Cousins:

As we are all aware Canada Post Management just got enormous bonuses, bonuses that if were not given would wipe of the most of the 748 million dollar deficit. Keep in mind the higher the status the higher the bonuses.  Currently there are over 300 Directors alone, not to mention all the CEO and VP officers. All this on the backs of workers.  When it comes to our issues and money for workers they cry poor mouth.  It is shameful.

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