“2023 – A CLEAR VOTE”


To all members of the CUPW Toronto Local,


The Toronto Local Executive first round election is fast approaching.  Enclosed you will find the 2023 CUPW Toronto Local Executive Elections Voting Schedule.  Only the election committee is authorized to announce any changes.


Only members in good standing in the Toronto Local are eligible to vote.  If you are a member not in good standing, or have never signed a membership application, please contact your Shop Steward immediately and fill out an application.   You can vote at any of the 21 locations.  Members in good standing can only vote once.


Candidates shall not campaign within a fifty (50) metre radius of a polling location. 

Voters Reminder – “That no cheat sheets are allowed at the Polling Stations.


Graeme Drew certified electoral officer of Drew North Consulting is an independent third-party managing the elections.  Please provide the following to vote.


  • Valid original CPC Employee Card, or
  • A valid CUPW union card along with valid original Government issued photo ID


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Toronto Local Executive Elections, please email [email protected]


In Solidarity,




Stacey Pritchard,

2023 CUPW Toronto Local Executive Committee Chair.


SP:w                                                                                                               January 30, 2023

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