Sisters and Brothers,

The OEPC union working committee (National, Metro Toronto Region, Ontario Region, Toronto Local and Scarborough Local) met with Canada Post on February 10th,2022.

Here are the updates:


- The opening is at risk due to supply chain issues.

 - The opening of the OEPC new plant may be delayed until May 2023.

 - Members who are interested please put your transfer in.

- The new plant will have 6-day operations.

 - Premium parcels and packages will be processed at the OPEC.

 - Large volume mailers (LVM like Amazon, Best Buy, Sephora etc. will be processed there).

 - Majority of the staffing will be on shift # 3 and shift # 1 respectively.

 - Expect day shift # 2, to be a skeleton/cleanup shift.

 There will be approximately 37 GL&T (group 3&4) positions available.

 The final numbers for FT PO5 and FT PO4 and PT PO4 is not finalized yet.

There is no TEMP list for OEPC as of yet. The affected post office is Gateway Post Office for the Toronto Local. We will be meeting with CPC again in two weeks and will update the membership as soon as we get more information.

Toronto Local has received many concerns about the OEPC plant, bidding and staffing process. Please do not entertain any rumors. Please visit the Toronto Local website and the Union Boards for the correct information.

The struggle continues,


Qaiser Maroof


CUPW Toronto Local

February 11, 2022.

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