Sisters and Brothers,

The Local has received many inquiries on the issue of LWOP and benefits after November 26th,2021.

The Record of Employment was issued by Canada Post dated December 28th,2021, even though our members were sent home on November 26th, 2021. Canada Post has advised that the December 28th2021 date was used so that members can use their benefits for the first 30 days after they were sent home.


Some members received a pay stub for the first pay period in December 2021. The Corporation informed us that this pay reflected a payment of 2 days of statutory holidays for the month of December 2021. If our members want to backdate the Record of Employment to November 26th,2021 they need to call Access HR at 1-877-807-9090 and request it.

At some locations, management approached our members and told them that their accommodation attestation was refused and asked them to go home. However, the proper procedure is for the Corporation to give them Rapid Testing Kits for 14 days and they remain at work until they are notified in writing that the request has been denied.

If you are thinking of retirement while on LWOP, Toronto Local wants you to be aware that you will not be entitled to the hearing, vision or the dental plan.

Toronto Local continues to fight for our members who were sent home by Canada Post on LWOP and will immediately update any new information as it occurs.

Struggle Continues,


In Solidarity




Qaiser Maroof


CUPW Toronto Local

February 2, 2022.

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Sisters, Brothers, Cousins:

As we are all aware Canada Post Management just got enormous bonuses, bonuses that if were not given would wipe of the most of the 748 million dollar deficit. Keep in mind the higher the status the higher the bonuses.  Currently there are over 300 Directors alone, not to mention all the CEO and VP officers. All this on the backs of workers.  When it comes to our issues and money for workers they cry poor mouth.  It is shameful.

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