Quarantine Rules What you should know!


Sisters and Brothers:


The Local is receiving many calls from our members across the Local concerning the quarantine rules.  Management at some locations are telling our members it is only 5 days, this is not the directive from CPC National.

The Local is attaching the email to all Team Leaders and Managers so you can inform them of the 14 day isolation if they are not aware.  Our concern is that there will be some bullying and harassment from the employer in some of our Locations concerning the Quarantine leave.


If you are given wrong information please file a grievance and notify your Shop Steward or Chief Shop Steward immediately, the health and safety of our members are at risk! 


There are enough concerns to deal with when our members continually test positive for Covid 19 in many locations then to worry about Management not knowing the rules at the Local level.

From: HO, Emp Comms

Sent: January-04-22

Subject: Update on self-isolation, quarantine, and COVID-19 testing / Mise à jour sur l’isolement, la mise en quarantaine et le dépistage de la COVID-19

Audience:  All team leaders and managers

Update on self-isolation, quarantine, and COVID-19 testing

Several provinces have recently revised their recommendations about how long people should self-isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19. Access to PCR tests has also been limited.

In light of these recommendations and the rapidly evolving situation across the country, we are reassessing our quarantine leave provisions and expect to have new guidance shortly around these topics.

For now, we are maintaining our existing 14 days of Quarantine Leave regardless of whether local/provincial public health recommends a shorter duration.

Where access to testing is limited, contacts who have been exposed to COVID-19 and have symptoms should presume they are positive and should self-isolate. When an employee tests positive or is presumed to be positive, team leaders should follow the guidance in the Team Leader scenario “An employee, who was in the workplace, has tested positive for COVID-19. What steps do I take?” on the Make it Safe, Make it Home page.

As well, with delays in students returning to in-person classes, our process for employees who need to apply for special child-care leave remains unchanged.


In Solidarity


Qaiser Maroof

CUPW Toronto Local President

January 12, 2022

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