2021 Toronto Local Committee Election Results

Sisters and Brothers,       
Please see below the results of the Toronto Local Committee Elections,

Anti Racism Committee (5)

Brown, Mark                         - ELECTED

Butler, Jennie                       - ELECTED

Douglas Sherice                  - ELECTED

Paris, Sharon                       - ELECTED

Shah, Dhaval                       - ELECTED


Akhtar, Raees

Christian, Rajneel

Sidhu, Inderjit

Itwaru, Ranee


Temporary Workers Committee (6)

Allen, Vennicia                          - ELECTED

Daniele, Madison                      - ELECTED

Harricharan, Ricky                    - ELECTED

Lobert, Indita Singh                   - ELECTED

Raponi, Larissa                         - ELECTED

Sam, Susan                               - ELECTED


Akhtar, Raees

Christian, Rajneel

Dhiman, Amit

Gajjar, Rajendrakumar

Joachimpillai, Theeban

Majeed, Muhammad

Narewal, Harvinder

Qureshi, Niaz


Woman's Committee (1)

Kocur, Janet                                   - ELECTED


Narewal, Harvinder


Route Measurement Committee (5)

Burzese, Jaydon                          - ELECTED

D'Allesandro, Anthony                  - ELECTED

Jones, Angela                               - ELECTED

Petruzelli, Sandro                          - ELECTED

Royale, Matt                                  - ELECTED


Bolen, Neil

LaChance, Louis

Sidhu, Inderjit


Trustee Committee (5)

Carvalho, Ricardo                               - ELECTED

D' Souza, Daren                                  - ELECTED

Hossein, Bibi                                       - ELECTED

Hylton, Mary                                        - ELECTED

Shah, Dhaval                                       - ELECTED


Bhatt, Ronak

Lubinski, Mark

Patel, Hasmukh


Organization Committee (6)

Akhtar, Raees                                        - ELECTED

Butler, Jennie                                         - ELECTED

Douglas, Sherice                                    - ELECTED

Ferrerira, Manny                                     - ELECTED

Gupta, Prathiba                                      - ELECTED

Muhammad, Majeed                              - ELECTED


Christian, Rajneel

Doshi, Prakashchandra

Joachimpillai, Theeban

Qureshi, Niaz


Human Rights Committee

Person of Colour (1)

Brown, Mark                                          - ELECTED


Akhtar, Raees

Christian, Rajneel

Curca, Carmen

Gajjar, Rajendrakumar

Muhammad, Majeed


 Member at Large (2)

Butler, Jennie                                       - ELECTED

Lam, Adrian                                          - ELECTED


Aranzalez, Elka

Dhiman, Amit

Doshi, Prakashchandra

Douglas, Sherice

Edwards, Steve

Ferreira, Manny

Gajjar, Rajendrakumar

Itwaru, Ranee

Morrison, Cathy

Sidhu, Inderjit


Education Committee (12)

Akhtar, Raees                                - ELECTED

Dhiman, Amit                                 - ELECTED

Ferreira, Manny                             - ELECTED

Forde, Jordan                                - ELECTED

Gajjar, Rajendrakum                     - ELECTED

Gupta, Prathiba                             - ELECTED

Harricharan, Ricky                         - ELECTED

Joachimpillai, Theeban                  - ELECTED

Majeed, Muhammad                      - ELECTED

Prakashchandra, Doshi                 - ELECTED

Qureshi, Niaz                                 - ELECTED

Sam, Susan                                   - ELECTED

Krishnakumar, Suran                     – Withdrawn


Christian, Rajneel


Congratulations to those elected and thanks to all participants.


In Solidarity


Abdi Hagi Yusuf
CUPW, Toronto Local

Aug 13/2021

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As requested by the membership the Local has asked for a National Interpretation of Article 13 for the bids at Gateway.

13.04 a)

Where there is a change in at least one constituent elements (excluding a change to the time of meal), a section bid shall occur between the “incumbents of assignments in the same classification within the same section…”

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