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Toronto Local is very concerned about the recent COVID-19 Positive cases reported by management.

Our member’s health and safety is not negotiable. While at work you have the Right of Refusal under Art 33.13 of CUPW Collective Agreement.

33.13(a) An employee has the right to refuse to do particular work if he or she has reasonable grounds to believe that the performance of this work will endanger his or her health, safety or physical well-being, or may similarly endanger another employee.

 128 of Canada Labour Code. [Canada Labour Code, s.122,128, 129,146,147).

Refusal to work if danger

128 (1) Subject to this section, an employee may refuse to use or operate a machine or thing, to work in a place or to perform an activity, if the employee while at work has reasonable cause to believe that

(a) the use or operation of the machine or thing constitutes a danger to the employee or to another employee;

(b) a condition exists in the place that constitutes a danger to the employee; or

(c) the performance of the activity constitutes a danger to the employee or to another employee.

No reprisals [s.147] It is against the law for employers to dismiss, suspend, layoff or demote, impose a financial or other penalty, discipline or threaten any employee for performing their rights or duties under the Code.

If you believe that your health and safety or physical wellbeing is at risk, please inform your supervisor and union representative without delay and you are entitled to be present while the investigation is conducted.

Toronto Local is constantly in contact with Canada Post and the Government agencies to protect our members. Local is very frustrated by the bureaucratic barrier between the Agencies. End of the day we the workers are the one, who is suffering. .                                                                                April 26,2021

COVID-19 does not distinguish workplaces. Be safe and stay safe.

Struggle Continues.

In Solidarity


Qaiser Maroof


CUPW, Toronto Local,

April 26,2021                                              

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Sisters, Brothers, Cousins:

As we are all aware Canada Post Management just got enormous bonuses, bonuses that if were not given would wipe of the most of the 748 million dollar deficit. Keep in mind the higher the status the higher the bonuses.  Currently there are over 300 Directors alone, not to mention all the CEO and VP officers. All this on the backs of workers.  When it comes to our issues and money for workers they cry poor mouth.  It is shameful.

May 30th Day of Action

We stand in Solidarity,

 We demand improvements!


Sisters, Brothers, Cousins:

Our activists/members are the strength we have on the work floor, when you organize to take back the power it is noticed by the boss.  We own the work floor not management!  Over the past few months with Building Worker Power it was quite noticeable.

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