May Day – International Workers’ Day

Sisters and Brothers,

Toronto Local will participate at the May Day Rally at Nathan Philips Square on 1st May ,2022 at noon.

Workers have seen how corrupt and authoritarian governments are using the pandemic as a smokescreen to crack down on workers and other people organizing for human rights. We stand in solidarity with movements around the world resisting repression.

The crisis has exposed serious gaps and inequities in our country, and between countries. It has shown the devastating consequences when governments cut, privatize or neglect public services. The importance of strong public services, and the value of front-line workers, have never been more clear. Let’s make sure workers, and public-sector solutions, are at the heart of the recovery.

Please join us at the Nathan Phillips Square for the celebration of the international worker’s day. We look forward seeing you.

In Solidarity



Qaiser Maroof


CUPW Toronto Local

11th April, 2022

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