Sisters, Brothers and Siblings:


I want to thank Sister Sherice Douglas, the Executive Steward and the numerous Shop Stewards for their representation of the membership of Gateway West at our recent Staffing consultation.

At the consultation:


  1. We presented arguments and counter-proposals to management's initial changes.
  2. We were very successful in some areas, but they did not accept our proposals in other areas.
  3. A monthly assignment bid will take place with all new assignments up for bid for all of Gateway, INCLUDING new assignments for P-05 Dock West. Once that has been completed any section that has a constituent element change will have a section bid by seniority. 
  4. The Union protects all members, and seniority rules above all else.
  5. From Courtney Park, 48 members will be placed unassigned in Gateway West on like shifts until they are successful in obtaining a position in a monthly bid.


Management dictates changes in staffing and work schedules that are detrimental to our workers home and work life. We sympathize with you, the workers, and your families, who will be affected by management's mismanagement of the work floor.


You will be informed of any further developments.


In Solidarity,


Mark Lubinski                                                       Donna MacDonald                           

President                                                               2nd Vice President

CUPW Toronto Local.                                              CUPW Toronto Local

January 18, 2024


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