General Membership Meeting On October 19/2021 at 7PM by Virtual Platform


Sisters and Brothers,

On October 19 /2021 (@ 7 PM), Toronto Local is scheduling the regular membership monthly meeting. In order to participate the October/2021 GMM,

-You must be a member in Good Standing from Toronto Local

-You must register by sending email to [email protected] in advance. Please register before NOON October 18/2021 (Your registration must contain your Full Name and ID#)

After registering, you will receive all the documentations you need for this meeting and the link to join the meeting before the October GMM. The Agenda for the GMM will be posted on the Union Boards, as per the Local By-Laws. The meeting is under the National C.U.P.W guidance and directions to hold General membership meeting by Virtual Platform to adhere the Public Health Guidelines.

 Toronto Local is using Virtual Platform to continue doing the Union work. It is important that we continue to respect the privacy of every member including but not limited all the activists, Shop Stewards and Union officers.

By participating in Virtual meeting, you agree the following;
- You must not save, record, share or post this meeting, meeting chats or any photos from this meeting without prior permission from Toronto Local . Also, all the documents that the Toronto Local shared with you for the purpose of the GMM contains confidential information and is intended only for you, therefore you must not share / post or discuss the content of the documents in any social media platform/platforms without written permission of Toronto Local
- Toronto Local officer (Recording Secretary or any other officer or member that the Local assigned for this duty) will be the only authorized to take the GMM minutes for the Local records and usage. The General Membership Meeting will be facilitate under the Toronto Local By-Laws and the National Constitution. All participants must treat each other with respect during the meeting

-You give Toronto Local permission to use your email for the October /2021 GMM purposes

- Your first and last name shall be shown as the display name on your device in order to enter the virtual meeting room.  



Please share and Post all the Union Literatures and notices when you receive on the Union boards as per the By-Laws.

In Solidarity,

Abdi Hagi Yusuf

Secretary-Treasurer, Toronto Local, CUPW

(416) 241-0189

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Sisters, Brothers, Cousins:

As we are all aware Canada Post Management just got enormous bonuses, bonuses that if were not given would wipe of the most of the 748 million dollar deficit. Keep in mind the higher the status the higher the bonuses.  Currently there are over 300 Directors alone, not to mention all the CEO and VP officers. All this on the backs of workers.  When it comes to our issues and money for workers they cry poor mouth.  It is shameful.

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