AUGUST 14, 2021 AT 11:00 A.M. 



Sisters and Brothers: 

As per Article 9 and 15 of the Toronto Local By-Laws on August 14, 2021 at 11:00 am there will be a Special Meeting conducted Virtually to discuss and vote on the motion attached to amend the Toronto Local Bylaws specifically Article 5. 

You must register to attend by August 13th, 2021 before noon at [email protected] 

In Solidarity

Abdi Hagi Yusuf

Secretary Treasurer

CUPW Toronto Local

June 24, 2021



Proposed Amendment to Article 5 Clause 5.5 of Toronto Local 626 By-Laws 

WHEREAS one of the major criteria of able leadership is to groom new leaders; 

WHEREAS turnover in executive committee is good for democracy because new voices brings new ideas; 

WHEREAS longevity in office leads to abuse and to the suppression of challengers both within the executive committee and in the system more generally; 

WHEREAS term limits prevent executive committee members from building up too much power and support that new challengers do not have; 

WHEREAS it is not merely feasible for a rank and file to remove a long term office holder from the office for under performance or abuse because of the unawareness, lack of knowledge of the procedure and the powerful nature of a their executive position; 

WHEREAS the executives are elected from the work floor and a long period off the work floor detaches them from the true sentiments and real issues amongst the rank & file members on the work floor; 

BE IT RESOLVED that article 5.5 of Toronto Local By-laws be amended as follows: 

5.5 a) The Local Executive committee shall be elected for a three year term. A member of the local executive committee based on the virtue of the position they hold in the local, shall be limited to hold an executive committee membership consecutively for six years following their successful candidacy in the General Elections which are conducted as per article 8 of the Local By-Laws. 

b) A member, as described in 5.5 (a), who has served consecutively for six years in the local executive committee shall be allowed to be nominated for any other local executive position in the local General elections, after a gap of six years. 

c) When an existing executive committee member ends the term prematurely, the member elected to take over the remaining term shall have the remaining number of months in the term counted towards the limitation of six consecutive years if the remaining term of the predecessor has 24 months or more remaining in their term. 

d) Clause 5,5 will be applicable in its entirety when accepting the nominations for the executive committee positions for all the general elections to be held after the year While accepting the nominations for the next General élections after the year 2021 and all the general elections conducted for local executive committee positions thereafter, the local shall look into the past 6 years to verify if the nominated candidate has served 6 years or 2 terms consecutively in the local executive committee. The local shall not accept the nominations of any candidate who has served in the executive committee for the past 6 years, from the date the nomination was submitted. 

e) Exceptions: 

i) In the event where there are no nominations for any particular executive position, all the clauses of article 5.5 shall not apply except clause 5.5 (e). 

ii) in the event where there is only one challenger who has submitted nomination, besides the nomination of an incumbent who has completed 2 terms or six years consecutively in an executive committee. If the challenger's nomination does not satisfy the requirements of article 8.4 (b) of the Toronto Local By-laws, all the clauses of article 5.5 shall not apply except clause 5.5 (e). 

ii) A Part Time executive's nomination for a full time executive position or a Full time executive's nomination for a part time executive position shall be excluded from all clauses of article 5.5 except clause 5.5 (e). 

Mover:                                                                                                                 Seconder:

Rajneel Christian                                                                                                Abid Hasan 

Emp. # 07072961                                                                                               Emp. # 07013630 

June 21, 2021                                                                                                      June 21, 2021


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Sisters, Brothers, Cousins:

As we are all aware Canada Post Management just got enormous bonuses, bonuses that if were not given would wipe of the most of the 748 million dollar deficit. Keep in mind the higher the status the higher the bonuses.  Currently there are over 300 Directors alone, not to mention all the CEO and VP officers. All this on the backs of workers.  When it comes to our issues and money for workers they cry poor mouth.  It is shameful.

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