Brittany McCallister The Dictator


Attention all members of CUPW. 


Gateway East Consultation for shift changes.

We need to address the blatant disregard that Brittany McCallister at Canada Post has shown towards our workers. The ill-treatment and lack of respect shown by the corporation in recent times are simply unacceptable, and shows a total disregard of our member’s family responsibilities.  We encourage our members to apply for Family Responsibility to have CPC Human Rights review every file.

The predetermination of Part Time members not moving off the night shift is utterly outrageous, especially when they are filling the floor with temporary workers on shift #3. It is just typical of Canada Post to demonstrate their lack of care for their employees' preferences and needs. Needs that are life changing to some members.

In addition to this, the corporation has demonstrated a lack of flexibility and common sense regarding our proposed start times and shift schedules. They are leaving us with no options, which ultimately can cause a negative impact on our work-life balance.

Brittany McCallister and her group have shown no sensitivity or concern. Workers deserve workplaces that value work-life balance, and it is the employer's ethical and moral responsibility to ensure this. We will not accept the flimsy excuse offered by the corporation that they are only there to run a business. Family-friendly workplaces are not only good for workers, but they are also good for business.

Canada Post has also demonstrated that they do not have consultations in good faith. They do not care about your input, suggestions, or observations. They simply ignore our proposals and proceed with their predetermined plans.

Finally, Canada Post’s attitude towards the issue of transportation for those taking the bus is unacceptable. They put the members in jeopardy and totally disregard their safety. Gateway parking lot has been a concern with theft of vehicles and catalytic converters which they have not addressed yet, which causes great concern. They have left the responsibility of finding transportation on the employee themselves, even though it is the corporation's responsibility to provide a safe work environment.

In conclusion, the Toronto-Local firmly rejects these disrespectful practices by Canada Post, and we demand a change to this approach. 

We invite all members to stand with us in taking action towards ending this discrimination, and we call on the corporation to consult with us in good faith to ensure improved work conditions for our members. 

Remember, UNITED, we will make a difference!


In Solidarity


Mark Lubinski

CUPW Toronto Local President

September 18, 2023

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13.04 a)

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