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Welcome to the official web site of the Toronto Local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. We are the Toronto Local representative of CUPW, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

We hope this site will become a place where our members can keep up to date on the latest news and events involving the Toronto Local CUPW.

For our members there is a News/Bulletin section to keep you informed of latest news, and a Secretary-Treasurer's Report section that will keep you informed of important meeting schedules and events, including matters concerning your union and other services and information available to you. If you have any questions or general inquiries, feel free to Contact Us and one of our officers will be more than happy to assist you.





Save Canada Post Canvassing Event!


On April 18 The Toronto Local canvassed in the Mississauga East-Cooksville neighborhoods. We are planning another event for June 6 2015 and need volunteers to come out and help finish dropping off the information kits in the areas we were unable to get to. 

In conjunction with this event we will also have an information booth set up in The Rockwood Mall, the kits will be handed out in the parking lot to the volunteers and there will be volunteers staffing the table inside the mall.


Date: June 6, 2015

Meeting Place: Rockwood Mall (Dixie/Burnhamthorpe)

Time: 9:30 a.m.

Bring a friend or a family member if for just an hour, no corporate uniforms and a good pair of shoes. Let’s get out there and inform the public on how to save OUR public postal services!


In Solidarity

Angela Jones
Campaign Coordinator Toronto Local

647 909 7484





 Dear Sisters and Brothers 

As I have said in previous bulletins, we must keep Harper alive in our conversations. We have roughly 8,000 members which means if you elicit just 5 of your friends that’s 40,000 votes against Harper. Do not pay attention to polls, as you might think your candidate is going to win and choose not to vote. Keep in mind; Conservative voters are known to vote in any kind of weather, and under any circumstances. Do not underestimate the Conservative supporters. It is a popular pass time to criticize Harper however; people listening to these criticisms in some cases assume that Harper has no chance of winning the election; this is one of the things that Conservative supporters are relying on.  

The fact that the NDP took over in Alberta means nothing! Canadians think that there is a big swing going on because of this, but if you check the polls as of May 28th they have gone back to what they were. Conservatives in the front, Liberals in 2nd, and NDP in last place, so don’t be duped by polls. We must get this dictator out of office. Trust me when I say that there is a major threat to your livelihood. Don’t be fooled by the cash handout from the Harper government. As an example, through Harpers reign he has always said that he will never touch the Canada Pension Plan or improve it. Now he says he’s thinking about it. You can draw your own conclusion from this. He has no credibility. If you don’t get out and vote against him, don’t be crying when you see the results.  


In solidarity,  


John Slattery

Organization Officer

CUPW- Toronto Local



MAY 30, 2015

AT 9:00 A.M.




Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The above-mentioned meeting is scheduled for Saturday  May 30, 2015 at the Union Hall.

There will be a combined meeting and then break off to your designated Shop Steward body.

Lunch will be provided. Hoping to see the current Shop Stewards in attendance.

In Solidarity


Doug Jones

May 22, 2015



Save Canada Post – events Toronto local

Greetings Sisters and Brothers

I am pleased to announce there is now a community group in Toronto called ‘Toronto for Door to Door’ check out the Facebook site and share. This is a site where you can be informed of what’s going on in Toronto with the campaign and future events.

On May 23 2015 there will be a canvassing event in the Etobicoke South neighborhoods.

Meeting Place: 3300 Bloor Street West (It's Sun Life Financial centre building on the North East corner of Bloor and Islington). We'll meet at the Tim Hortons inside, near Entrance A of the building. 

Come out and help members of the community helping out with the campaign, if interested please contact myself at 647-909-7484.

We will also be having another canvassing event in the Mississauga East-Cooksville neighborhoods to finish off the areas we didn’t get to at our April 18 canvassing event.

Meeting Place: Rockwood Mall (Dixie and Burnhamthorpe)

Time: 9:30 a.m.

Date: June 6 2015

On the same day we will also have an information booth in the mall.

Please come out and help with these events, the public is waiting for us and the information we are delivering on how they can save their postal service. As we get closer to the summer, the petitions we get signed will not be read until the House reconvenes in the fall which is why we need to get out there now and deliver this info. Everyone is welcome including friends and family, just a reminder, do not wear your uniform. I look forward to seeing you there!

In Solidarity


Angela Jones

CUPW Toronto Local

Campaign Coordinator
May 20, 2015






Read for yourself www.keephydropublic.ca
CUPE Ontario. Toronto Star Wednesday April 22, 2015.


Save Door to Door Canvassing


Greetings Sisters and Brothers

As I stated in a previous bulletin, there is another canvassing date set for April 18 2015. We are hoping this will be the biggest event yet, there will be volunteers helping CUPW members from Liberal candidate Peter Fonseca and Carlo Sprovieri who is running for Ward 4.

The area being targeted is Mississauga East-Cooksville, Carlo Sprovieri is a letter carrier from Depot 2 and Ward 4 is in this riding. As Carlo is coming out to help us with our campaign I ask that we get as many volunteers to come out and help as well and show support for the Brother. Peter Fonseca is the Liberal candidate in this riding and is running against the Conservative MP Wladyslaw Lizon, he has stated that he is an advocate for saving door to door and is coming out to also help with the campaign. His brother in law is also a letter carrier in Brantford. I will not tell you whom to vote for but will say we have to show our support to the parties that support our services and also return the support to them. The federal election is getting closer and closer and I have made it clear to Mr. Fonseca that we need the Liberal party to ask for more than a moratorium, to publicly speak out that the party is for stopping the elimination of door to door and to reinstate the service where it has already been cut. The strategy right now is to vote for anything but conservative in the election, Mr. Fonseca has vowed to do what he can to save the service and would like to be involved in helping get our message out in this community being targeted.

Once again I cannot stress enough the importance of getting out there and informing the communities we target about the effects of losing door to door. We need to support or allies and the public whom pay for the services we provide, it is also a matter of keeping our jobs. All the canvassing being done now is politically driven but once the election is called we will have to stop due to strong stipulations from the elections Canada standards act.

Canvassing Date: April 18 2015

Meeting Place: John Paul 11 Polish Cultural Centre

                        4300 Cawthra Rd. Mississauga, Ontario

                         Time: 9:30 a.m.

Please come out and join us to help stop these cuts and save our jobs, if it’s just for an hour or two. Every little bit helps.

In Solidarity

Angela Jones Campaign Coordinator


Save Canada Post: Bulletin # 4-15/03/31

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

On March 28 volunteers took to the streets of Brampton canvassing in Kyle Seeback’s and Bal Gosal’s ridings. With approximately 80 volunteers we were able to cover a large area of these ridings, making it the largest canvassing event yet with the Toronto local. As the campaign moves forward we are seeing more and more people wanting to get involved to stop the elimination of door to door, informing communities of the effects of these cuts and helping to oust the Conservatives in the 2015 federal election. I would like to personally thank everyone that came out and made this a very successful event! Also in attendance was the Brampton Guardian who wrote up another supportive article for the campaign.

Although we have targeted 5 vulnerable ridings, there are still conservative ridings that we need to target. One of these ridings is Mississauga East-Cooksville. Wladyslaw Lizon is the conservative MP for this area and the Toronto Local is planning a mass canvas with help from Liberal MP Peter Fonseca and Brother Carlo Silvestri from Mississauga Depot 2, who is running for councillor of Ward 4. With help from both Silvestri and Fonseca we are anticipating the largest amount of volunteers thus far. Needless to say we still need our own members to come out and participate to make sure this is not only effective but successful. This can be done with everyone’s participation; if not for an hour or two it all makes a difference.

Once again, I cannot stress enough the importance of getting out and helping with the canvassing. It is not only a matter of importance trying to save OUR jobs but informing the public on the effects from losing door to door service. It is also a way for us to show our support for brother Silvestri who is making the campaign a big part of his platform. If you live in Ward 4 I encourage all of you to help him out and vote for him in the by-election. Having Silvestri on council will give CUPW members the leverage to fight against the Corporation if the conversion of community mailboxes comes to the city of Mississauga.

The pressure is on and our campaign is being noticed, more and more people are getting involved and contacting their MP’s and municipal councillors. The louder we are the more likely our voices will be heard. The time to act is now prior to the election being called, once again this is about saving our jobs, our public services and ousting the Conservative’s who back these cuts. The time for change is this year and we need to be an integral part of making this happen. Please come out and help as much as you can to make this possible!

Date: April 18 2015

Time: 9:30 a.m.

Meeting Place: TBA

In solidarity Angela Jones Campaign Coordinator






APRIL 21, 2015 @ 5 P.M.



Dear Sisters and Brothers 

The above special meeting is scheduled for April 21, 2015 at 5 p.m. to review the “Urban and RSMC negotiations discussion paper” adopted by the National Office.  

Also, to discuss and adopt contract demands for both Urban and RSMC’s negotiations. 

Please send in to the attention of the Secretary-Treasurer separate demands for the Urban and RSMC’s units. Preferably typed, each demand on a separate sheet by April 15, 2015. 

Looking forward to receiving your contract demands, and hoping to see you at this meeting. 


In Solidarity, 


Doug Jones,


CUPW Toronto Local

March 31, 2015



The Facts

• 120 Toronto workers, members of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 9176 were forced on strike by Crown Holdings, Inc. on September 6, 2013

• Crown’s Toronto facility has been unionized for over 25 years and many of the workers have worked for Crown for over two decades

• The company consolidated labour relations at its US headquarters and has little knowledge of the unique nature and issues of the Toronto facility

• Crown is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of food and beverage cans

• It claims to make one out of every five beverage cans in the world, and one out of every three food cans in North America

• Crown operates approximately 140 plants in 40 countries; about 12,000 of its 21,300 employees worldwide are covered by a collective agreement

• Crown nearly doubled its profits in 2012, to $557 million from $282 million in 2011

• Crown’s CEO was paid an average of $13 million/year in the past five years

• The Toronto facility is one of Crown’s top producers in North America and received the 2012 “Plant of the Year Award” for outstanding “safety, productivity and budget management”

• The facility produces over 5 million beverage and food cans per day for customers such as Molson, Coors, Labatt, Budweiser, Moosehead, Creemore, Morgan’s and Cotts

Read more at www.takebacksnomore.ca


 CROWN and CORPORATE CANADA    The strike at Crown Holdings plant in Weston illustrates all that is wrong with

 corporate Canada - greed, callousness and income inequality. For two long winters the 120 Steelworkers have walked the picket line in stubborn refusal to betray the next generation of workers. Despite being recognized as the most productive plant of Crown's 140 facilities, the company has rewarded the Toronto employees with a demand that all new hires be paid half of the current salary.  

The workers said no, and were forced on strike to defend their principled position. As the months dragged on the company brought in strike-breakers to run the plant and supply the beer and soft drink producers in Ontario. Each time bargaining resumes the company makes its offer worse. Throughout this whole disgraceful episode, the Ontario Government has refused to intervene. The Premier and Labour Minister have been shamefully silent. It's time to ramp up solidarity for the Crown Strike.

Credited to T&YLC.

Attention: Correction to Save Canada Post Bulletin # 3

Please note that the bulletin # 3 with the information regarding the March canvass did not have the information for the date of the canvass.


Date: March 28 2015

Meeting place: Spot 1

289 Rutherford Rd. S.


Time 9:30 a.m.


We would like to see many volunteers at this canvassing event in order for it to be successful. The federal election could be called as early as April and we need to inform the residents of the effects from the elimination of the services and to contact their conservative MP’s. These ridings we are targeting were won in 2011 with less than 10%, let’s try and flip the vote and oust the conservatives in the upcoming election. Canada needs change and the time is now, if we work together this is possible.

In Solidarity 

Angela Jones


Save Canada Post Bulletin # 3

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,                                                                                             March 2 2015        

On February 28 CUPW Toronto Local held a canvassing event in Mississauga South, Stella Ambler’s riding. With approximately 35 volunteers we were able to deliver information kits to approx. 3500 homes. Many thanks go out to all that participated, especially the carriers that have walked daily in the extreme cold all winter long. The Mississauga news came to talk to myself and Local President Megan Whitfield and wrote a great article on our behalf, including the effects of the cuts imposed on the public by Canada Post.  

The next canvassing event will be held in Brampton in Kyle Seeback and Bal Gosal’s ridings, Brampton West and Brampton/Bramalea.

Meeting Place: Spot 1

                                289 Rutherford Rd. S. (North of Steeles and south of Clarence)


                                Time: 9:30 a.m.        


Once again we are asking for volunteers to come out and participate. We understand the difficulty of juggling work and personal life around these events but I cannot stress enough the importance of getting out and helping, if just for an hour or two. The federal election could be called as early as 30 days from now! Not only are we informing the public on the cuts, we are also trying to swing the vote in these areas by letting the public know it is the conservative’s that have not backed them with trying to keep the services the Corporation is trying to take away from them. 

It has been a brutal winter and most of you have had to walk in the cold day in and day out, hopefully March will be kinder and grant us a mild temp day for canvassing. Please pass on this information and try to get others to come out and help. The time for change is now; let’s work together in making this a successful campaign and kicking the conservative’s out in the Federal election.

In Solidarity

Angela Jones

Campaign Coordinator # 647 909 7484




purposes it probably won't take place until October, it would be prudent for all members of C.U.P.W to continue and give life to this discussion. Unfortunately Canadians, looking back at the Mulroney days, have very poor memories. They gave Mulroney a second majority government. It was an absolute disaster for postal workers and unions as a whole. I said in my previous bulletin that we could make a difference. If one
postal worker in Toronto was to win over five of their friends to vote against Harper with the amount of workers we have, that would be
40,000 votes. This is not a ridiculous statement; this is about YOUR job! Recently we had two activists go in to a station and they were chastised by members saying, "What is the Union doing"!

YOU ARE THE UNION! Together we must understand that unless we are going to be proactive the Harper government has that much more chance of becoming successful. If you do not heed these simple facts, you could lose your benefits, the strength of your pension and your very job itself. So stop criticizing a
hand full of union activists and start fighting the real enemy Stephen Harper. Together we can make a difference. By not being together we play in to this governments hand. If we look up the meaning of
hypocrisy, the dictionary will give us one or two meanings, however, in Canada the true meaning of hypocrisy would be this majority government in a democratic setting. If this isn't hypocrisy I do not know
what is. Work together Sisters and Brothers, not apart. When it comes time to vote, make sure you do! Or you will surely suffer the consequences.


In Solidarity,

John Slattery,

Benefits Officer CUPW
Toronto Local


Pre-Election preparedness bulletin

Dear Sisters and Brothers,                                                                                                           Feb 9, 2015

2015 will be a very busy year for CUPW members. Not only are we fighting to maintain our services and cuts the Corporation has enforced on us, we are also working hard to beat the Conservatives in the federal election this coming October, if not before. It is imperative that we all get out and vote and encourage family and friends to do the same, more importantly, to vote ANYTHING BUT CONSERVATIVE!

Listed below are reasons why not to vote for the Conservatives. Not only are they a bad choice for Union workers, they are a bad choice for ALL Canadians.

Economy- Conservatives have maintained economic growth?? 80% of all new jobs created have been part-time. No pension and no benefits.

Healthcare- Funding cuts to all provinces which has put pressure on a healthcare system with an aging population.

Retirement- Seniors are living without adequate pension coverage. Retirement age has increased to 67.

Families- Conservatives have scrapped the national childcare program. Income-splitting scheme benefits only the wealthiest families.

Public services- Veterans affairs staff and offices have been slashed, major delays for EI payments due to staff cuts and the elimination of home mail delivery.

Environment- Canada is the only country to withdraw from Kyoto, no action on climate change, with Canada having the worst greenhouse emissions in the world. Also, Harper wants to expand the tar sands without studying the impact on our watersheds and First Nations land.

Democracy- Voter suppression, muzzling scientists, spending half a billion tax dollars on partisan ads=abuse of power and targeting unions and anyone else who questions the conservative agenda.

Overall, the Conservative party will be a bad choice for ALL Canadians!!!

Based on the past record of the conservatives, we need to work together to defeat them. We need to fight to keep our jobs, jobs for future generations, to keep our pensions, to protect our environment, to look after our seniors and veterans, to improve our healthcare and childcare systems and to have a transparent Govt that works for Canadians and their families. Let’s face it, if we don’t defeat the Harper govt we may as well kiss this all goodbye. The damage he has already imposed on us can be stopped, it’s time for change and the time is now. Get out and vote and make it count.

In Solidarity

Angela Jones (campaign coordinator)

January 20 2015 


Save Canada Post bulletin # 2   Jan. 5 ‘15

Happy New Year Sisters and Brothers

I hope that all of you had a great holiday and wish you all the best for 2015. As you are all aware we are entering a crucial year, not only are we fighting to preserve our services but we are also fighting to maintain the services for the public and our jobs due to the cuts being implemented from the Corporation.

On January 24 2015 we will be having a day of canvassing in the Etobicoke/Lakeshore and Etobicoke Centre ridings of Ted Opitz and Bernard Trottier. These are 2 conservative MP’s we are targeting that won the federal election in 2011 with less than 10% of the votes. It is imperative to have as many volunteers as possible out to help with canvassing.

As a letter carrier in the Port Credit area I understand that the weather at this time of the year can be unfavorable but can’t stress enough the importance with getting out and informing the public of the cuts being imposed on them and to us as CUPW members. Now is the time to be getting the support from the public and educating them that the conservative MP’s in these ridings DO NOT support their best interests and do not deserve their votes when the election happens.

All members that wish to sign up to be volunteers are encouraged to contact myself or their shop stewards, we will be meeting at the Toronto Local at 47 Densley Ave. At 9:30 a.m. on January 24 and will have a light lunch and debriefing after the canvassing finishes. There will also be 2 more days of canvassing happening on February 28 2015 in the Mississauga South/Port Credit area and on March 28 2015 in the Brampton area. We will also be needing volunteers for these days and once again I encourage all that can help to contact myself or a shop steward of doing this.

I understand that life is busy with work and family obligations but helping out for a few hours on these days could make a huge difference with stopping the cuts and helping to stop the conservatives from being elected again, this could be detrimental to all of us and our future as unionized workers. The time to stand up and fight is now without doing this we are allowing the Corporation to make these changes without putting up a fight on our behalf and on behalf of the communities that we provide service to as well as the sisters and brothers that have already been affected across the country. An injury to one is an injury to all! I look forward to working with all of you in the fight against the Corporation and the Conservatives.

In Solidarity

Angela Jones

Campaign Coordinator Toronto Local






Dear Sisters and Brothers: 

As the 4th Vice-President of the Toronto Local, I cannot tell you how to vote.  What I can tell you is that it is vital that you actually go out and cast your ballot. 

The current PC government is not your friend.  It is not a friend to the Postal Worker, the average worker on the street, nor is it a friend of any Union. 

The current trend seems to indicate that the federal election may be as early as this spring.  This is why I am urging you to consider your options now.  Consider the effects the current government has on your every-day work life and your personal life at home. 

The voting turn out for elections is as low as 7%.  Just think what an impact we as Postal Workers can have in fashioning a new government.  Our Local alone has 8,500 members.  If we all voted we could actually make a difference! 

In solidarity, 



4th Vice-President

(Organization Officer)

C.U.P.W. Toronto Local 


NOV. 20/14



Union Dues 

If you work in the “Toronto Local” area you should be paying $ 77.40 in Union Dues each month. If you believe you are a member of the Toronto Local and you are not sure compare your pay stub with your co-workers. If you are paying more, then contact your Shop Steward or call the Union Hall. 

Dues Waiver 

The National Constitution allows for the waiver of dues when you are off work if approved as per Article 1.19. You must be a signed up member in order to be eligible. Also, membership is a condition of employment (4.07 of the Collective Agreement) upon becoming a member a waiver is not retroactive

Address Change 

Once again we are getting a lot of “return to sender” mail. When you change your address it is your responsibility to inform the Union Hall of that change. By changing your address at work, we do not get that information. It is important that the Union has your current address even if you are retired to ensure that if there is a settlement of any Grievances, we have a means of contacting you. 

Trusting the above information is helpful, I remain. 

In Solidarity 

Doug Jones                                                                                                            

November 30, 2014                                                                                                          



Canada Post is a Public Service

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

On December the 11th,2013 Canada Post announced the elimination of door to door delivery in urban areas by 2019. The announcement came a day after Parliament adjourned for the Christmas Break. Your National Union received a telephone call from CPC at around 7:00 a.m. giving your Union a “heads up” but did not receive the actual package on the five point plan until 10:30 a.m.

Earlier this year Canada Post held selected Town Hall meetings across Canada after the Conference Board of Canada released a report called the “Future of Postal Service in Canada.”  The main objective of this report was to cut services NOT create and add services.

The Canadian Postal Service Charter mandates Canada Post to provide a universal accessible mail delivery system.  CPC’s competition is not even discussing eliminating door to door delivery.  They are looking at ways to improve their business and working with their customers. CPC in the meantime has closed corporate retail stores while the competition has opened up new store fronts.

Canada Post claims to be losing millions of dollars but at the same time are doing a multitude of renovations to the Gateway Plant and across Canada for the expansion of MLOCR.  This machine will only handle letter mail which is a service CPC insists has and will continue to drop in volume.

Instead of investing in the areas where there is  growth for CPC re: parcels, pubs and ads, working with small businesses; CPC’s answer is to eliminate services to Canadian Citizens instead of expanding and looking at a business plan for the future that provides and maintains the existing door to door delivery.

In the midst of the busiest time of the year Postal Workers are once again asked to do more with less, in spite of this volume records for parcels have been broken not once but twice so far this year.

Postal Workers are left to wonder how big this year’s bonuses will be for management.  Will it be as big as 2012 or better? Just think if the five point plan is implemented how big the bonuses will be while seniors, disabled and all citizens of Canada worry about how they are going to pick up their mail.

Members, their families and friends should contact their Member of Parliament and voice their desire to continue to provide a long tradition of providing good and dependable public services for the citizens of Canada.

In Solidarity,


Joanne Leader

2nd Vice President, Toronto Local

Canadian Union of Postal Workers

December 13, 2013





ARTICLE 48.04 –




Dear Sisters and Brothers: 

Two grievances were filed for the letter carrier restructures that were implemented at Toronto Station “T” on May 14, 2012 and the other station was for Weston “B”. 

The issue for these grievances being filed was that the route measurement officers for Canada Post & local management for Canada Post did not provide a meal location for motorized letter carriers on route.  

Arbitrator Von Veh allowed the grievances and following is some of the highlights from his decision: 

a)    The Corporation ignored communications from the Union dated November 21, 2011 and December 21, 2011 requesting assistance in location suitable meal locations for routes located in Toronto station “T”. 

b)    The Corporation ignored communications from employees dated May 14 and May 16, 2012 requesting suitable meal locations for routes located in Toronto Station “T”. 

c)    No steps were taken by the Corporation to in any way assist employees in locating locations for suitable meal breaks, bearing in mind criteria for meal locations set forth in Article 48.04 (a). 


·         The Corporation and Union are ordered to assign an equal number of representatives to a committee to review each restructured route within Toronto Station “T” and a view to determine whether for each route there exists a suitable meal location.  Such suitable meal location must comply with the criteria for meal locations set out in Article 48.04 (a) and the three (3) minute travel time allowance set out in Article 48.04 (f).  Such determinations are to be completed on or before January 31, 2014. 

·         Should the parties not identify a suitable meal location for any of the restructured routes within Toronto Station “T’, then, such routes shall be adjusted to permit employees on such routes to return to the postal installation in order to have his/her meal.  The adjustment of such routes shall be finalized on or before February 28, 2014. 

·         The Parties are directed to determine what, if any, compensation is owed to any employees in Toronto Station “T” by virtue of the provisions of Article 48.04 (b).  Such determination shall be completed on or before February 28, 2014. 

·         I remain seized of any outstanding issues pertaining to these grievances. 

·         The terms of this Order apply to all restructured routes at Weston Station “B”. 

Trusting you will find the above informative, we remain,                                                                                                                       

In Solidarity, 

Joanne Leader,                                                                                                  Stacey Mills,

2ND Vice-President,                                                                                             3rd Vice-President,

CUPW Toronto Local.                                                                                         CUPW Toronto Local.




Pension Update

Sisters and Brothers:

Everyone is concerned about the state of our pension plan, and we want you to be aware of everything that has happened for the Corporation to get relief from the money they owe to the pension plan that would be sustainable.

The Conservative Government has informed Canada Post of its intent to introduce regulations that would provide relief from the need to make special payments in the Canada Post pension plan.  This relief would be for 4 years from 2014 to 2017.  This according to the Conservative Government would provide a period of time for the Corporation to transform their business plan and our pension plan.

It is disappointing that the bonuses were not cut off for management as that would have been millions a year in savings.  But without this pension relief Canada Post would have had to have made special payments of 1Billion dollars in 2014 which they can't afford.

Since 2011 Canada Post has utilized the solvency relief measures available to all Agent Crown Corporations under the Pension Benefits Standards Act 1985 to reduce solvency payments.

Over the next 4 years many things could change and interest rates and investments could skyrocket.  There could be a new Government after 2015 and the circumstances of our pension could change again.  Services could change where we could be successful in same day delivery parcels, banking and any other services that would add revenue to the Corporation.  The Union has been arguing this for years. 

The Corporation’s argument is always negative saying that interest rates could stay low, and the fact that people are living longer benefits would have to be paid out for a longer period of time.  They say this with no qualms of taking 2 bonuses a year amounting to millions.

Having said all this it is our intention to watch closely how the plan is doing over the next 4 years, talking to actuaries and informing the membership on a regular basis how the pension plan is doing.  In the meantime normal pension contributions from Canada Post and from Plan Members will continue to be made during this relief period.  There will be no change at this time in the benefits and pension payout.

In Solidarity,                                   


John Slattery                                             Darryl Ellis

4th Vice-President, Benefits Officer       President, Toronto Local, CUPW

Toronto Local, CUPW









Dear Sisters and Brothers: 

I realize all the frustration that members are going through attempting to get their Record of Employment, Sun Life Packages and general information pertaining to Disability. 

I have forwarded my complaints to Sister Cathy Kavadas, Regional Grievance Officer, who in turn, is forwarding my issues to National. 

I am outraged how our members are being treated in particular, getting access to Sun Life packages and E.I. sick benefits. 

I assure you that I am dealing with this and hopefully we will have some answers on these issues within the next two weeks. Please watch the bulletin boards for further updates. 

In Solidarity,


John Slattery,

4th Vice-President,

CUPW Toronto Local.  

JAN 15,2013



Flawed, Failed, Abandoned

Billions in Public Taxes Risked by P3 Hospital Privatization: 100 Failed, Flawed and Abandoned Projects Used to Warn Politicians: A new report, released today by health coalitions across Canada, outlines 100 failed, flawed or abandoned infrastructure projects undertaken using the controversial P3 privatization model.

Click here for the website to retrieve more information http://www.web.net/ohc

Canadian Labour Congress http://www.canadianlabour.ca/

Toronto and York Labour council http://www.labourcouncil.ca/

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