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Welcome to the official web site of the Toronto Local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. We are the Toronto Local representative of CUPW, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

We hope this site will become a place where our members can keep up to date on the latest news and events involving the Toronto Local CUPW.

For our members there is a News/Bulletin section to keep you informed of latest news, and a Secretary-Treasurer's Report section that will keep you informed of important meeting schedules and events, including matters concerning your union and other services and information available to you. If you have any questions or general inquiries, feel free to Contact Us and one of our officers will be more than happy to assist you.








Sisters and Brothers

The Locations for the strike votes are:


June 11, 2016- Hilton Mississauga                           June 26- Toronto Local Union Hall
6750 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga                           47 Densley Ave. Toronto Ontario
Time 10:00 am                                                         Time 6:00 am to 7pm


June 14, 2016- Royal Canadian Legion                     June 15, 2016- Toronto Local Union
243 Coxwell Ave Toronto                                         Hall, 47 Densley Ave. Toronto ON
Time 6:30 am to 11:00 pm                                         Time 6:00 am to 7:00 pm

June 16 2016- Hilton Garden                                    June 22, 2016- Courtyard Marriott
1870 Matheson Blvd. Mississauga                              90 Biscayne Cres Brampton, ON
Time 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm                                            Time 6:30 am to 7:00 pm

June 26, 2016- Toronto Local Union Hall
47 Densley Ave.. Toronto, Ontario
Time 1 :00 pm to 3:00 pm

The Local and National Union are asking that you give a strong strike mandate to send a clear message to the employer. We deserve a just and fair collective agreement.

Support your Negotiators!

Jin the eDigest to get updates on negotiations www.cupw.ca/cupw-edigest



In Solidarity,


Megan Whitfield
Local President



Canada Post’s Continued Attacks on Workers’ Future


Sisters and Brothers, 

Canada Post has filed for conciliation so early into negotiations.  This is unprecedented.  Canada Post has not even finished giving us their demands.  A conciliator is a person who is appointed to bring the two parties together if possible. What does conciliation means? It means that the Corporation has applied to the Minister of Labour to appoint a conciliator Under the Canada Labour Code. Once an application for conciliation has been filed, the following countdown begins: 1) Within fifteen (15) days, the Minister designates a conciliator; 2) The conciliation process may last a maximum of sixty (60) days, unless the parties agree to extend it; 3) Twenty-one (21) days after the end of this period of sixty (60) days, or twenty-one (21) days after the conciliator submits a report to the Minister (a report can be submitted before the end of the 60-day period). The Union obtains the right to strike, and the employer, the right to lockout. Therefore, we could be in a position to strike or be locked out by the employer in ninety-six (96) days from the appointment of the conciliator (Which was done on April 11, 2016).  We can be in a lockout or a strike position on July 2, or even earlier.  What the Corporation is proposing is a long list of concessions which includes hefty rollbacks on our pensions, benefits, and our job security.  

As you are all aware, the collective agreement expired on December 31, 2015 for the RSMC and January 31, 2016 for the Urban Members. However, all our rights continue to apply for both agreements which are set out under clause 43.03 of the Urban and 34.03 of the RSMC. 

Canada Post is proposing all future and current members to be covered under the Defined Contribution Pension Plan instead of our current Defined Benefit Plan.  What this basically means is that your retirement income would depend on market fluctuations and Canada Post’s ability to grow your money. 

When it comes to job security Canada Post is proposing to increase the continuous employment requirement from 5 to 10 years to qualify for employment security protections. This means that if you don’t have 10 years of continuous employment you could be displaced to anywhere in the country.

But that’s not all! The employer is also proposing to eliminate the 40 km radius and force employees to be displaced to anywhere within their province of employment.

For the RSMC members, the employer is offering NOTHING. The employer stated that they would not even discuss any demand that included job security for RSMCs. 

We know the Corporation is asking for many Roll Backs.  One of the first attacks is on our Benefits. The Corporation wants to raise our premiums by 5% to 25% instead of our current 20%. For those members who are retired they presently pay 35% for the Retiree Health Care Plan. Here are some proposed changes for those members who retire with 20 years of service. You will be required to pay 80%of RHCP, an increase in annual cost of $1080.46 (Family) and $598.45 (Single). Those members who retire with 25 years of service will have to pay 65% of the RHCP increase of $720.03 (Family) and $398.89 (Single), and those members with 30 years of service would have to pay 50% an increase of $360 (Family) and $199.49 (Single) amount.  

The corporation has told our members on numerous occasions to use our benefits. Now they are arguing the cost when if they had done their jobs to correct problems we would not have to use our benefits.  (A perfect example was the issue of the anti-fatigue mats). The corporation is now proposing to limit our physiotherapy to $800/year and not cover our dependents. 

Full Time members have been inquiring what it really means is that Management wants to impose a “pay-in arrears”. Full Time workers are paid up until the week current. Now the corporation wants to put the Full Time on the same pay system as the Part Time and Temps which basically means they are paid 2 weeks behind.  

We will be having a strike vote in the coming weeks. The Local will continue to keep you updated.  

In Solidarity, 


Megan Whitfield


C.U.P.W Toronto Local








Dear Sisters and Brothers: 

The Local is setting up a Social Steward network to assist when the need arises.  If you are accredited (certificate) and want to be part of the group, please call the office or e-mail djones@cupw-sttp.ca with the following information: 

1)    Name

2)    E-mail address

3)    Work location and shift

4)    Telephone number where you can be reached 

Thank you for your anticipated interested in the network.


In Solidarity, 


Doug Jones,

Secretary-Treasurer,                                                                                                  CUPW Toronto Local.                                                                                                  DJ:w

December 18, 2015


Brother Gary Whitehouse died on November 11, 2015 at the age of 74.

Funeral arrangements: Jarrett Funeral Home 660 Kennedy Road, Scarborough (North of St. Clair)

Visitation: Monday November 16th, 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.
Tuesday November 17th, 10:00 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. Services begin at 1:30 P.M. followed by procession to Pine Hills Cemetery.



Greetings Sisters and Brothers,


After two years of campaigning, working with allies, the public, municipalities and the Government OUR hard work has finally paid off!

On October 26 the Corporation announced that the implementation of community mailboxes would be “temporarily suspended” until the Corporation worked "collaboratively" with the new Liberal government and determine the best path forward given the challenges in the postal system.

CUPW in the coming months will be urging the Liberal Government to do a full public review of Canada Post and look at innovative ideas to generate revenue i.e. postal banking. We are encouraging members and allies to also do this.

As we celebrate this victory, I would like to personally thank all members in Toronto for all their hard work and help on this campaign. Without this it would not have been possible, whether the contribution was through canvassing or starting the conversation with family and friends, all efforts contributed to the removal of Steven Harper and the halting of CMB’s.

It’s been a little more than 10 months since I have worked on this campaign with you and it has definitely had its up and downs but has certainly been rewarding. There were 9 targeted ridings at the start of the campaign that we targeted and all ridings flipped ousting the conservative Incumbents. They said we wouldn’t be able to oust Steven Harper or halt community mailboxes either, well we did! This proves that with perseverance and solidarity our efforts paid off.

Once again, thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future. Until then, the struggle continues.

In Solidarity

Angela Jones

Campaign Co-ordinator

Toronto Local



 Support for 2015Canadian Union of Postal WorkersCUPW-STTP

Greetings Sisters and Brothers

As we are all aware, Canada Post announced their 5 point plan in 2013 which included downsizing or eliminating post offices and the elimination of door to door. CUPW has been working hard across the country to save jobs, save services and maintain our right to fair collective bargaining.

We are asking you, the membership, to participate with us on future activities and candidates who are running in the upcoming federal election. We need to talk to with other CUPW members, members in our communities we work and live in concerning the issues that will affect us and them. Volunteering on our own time with federal candidates either NDP or Liberal will give us the opportunity to get our message out to voters and to help the candidates that have put our campaign on their election platform.

We need to continue to get community support to maintain door to door delivery and stop any more cuts downloaded from the Corporation. We don’t want to become a tax burden on our communities and we want to encourage people to vote with these issues in mind.

Get informed on who our candidates are in our ridings and help flip the vote to anyone but the Conservatives. The links below will help you identify who the candidates are as well as to determine who is stronger to knock the conservatives out in these ridings.

Thanks to all that participate and continue to fight against these cuts and maintaining our public post office as well as our jobs.




In Solidarity

Angela Jones                                                                                                     Pam Taschuk

CUPW Toronto Local                                                                                     CUPW Toronto Local

National campaign coordinator                                                           National campaign coordinator

647 909 7484                                                                                          416 272 5985




Toronto For Door To Door

Canvassing Event: Sunday July 12 2015

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Meeting Place: Bloor and Islington Subway, North East corner


Door-to-door canvassing in Etobicoke-Lakeshore to save home mail delivery and stop the cuts at Canada Post.

We need volunteers from the Toronto Local to assist with these community activists in getting petitions and informing the community about the changes to their Public Post Office.  This is not only helping the Public but also helping save our jobs! These volunteers are out there on their time to assist US, its time to lend a hand and fight what belongs to the people of Canada.

Anyone who is interested is encouraged to call Angela Jones, Toronto Local campaign coordinator or just show up at the location and time indicated.  Tel # 647-909-7484.  THE TIME TO FIGHT IS NOW!


Canada Post is a Public Service

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

On December the 11th,2013 Canada Post announced the elimination of door to door delivery in urban areas by 2019. The announcement came a day after Parliament adjourned for the Christmas Break. Your National Union received a telephone call from CPC at around 7:00 a.m. giving your Union a “heads up” but did not receive the actual package on the five point plan until 10:30 a.m.

Earlier this year Canada Post held selected Town Hall meetings across Canada after the Conference Board of Canada released a report called the “Future of Postal Service in Canada.”  The main objective of this report was to cut services NOT create and add services.

The Canadian Postal Service Charter mandates Canada Post to provide a universal accessible mail delivery system.  CPC’s competition is not even discussing eliminating door to door delivery.  They are looking at ways to improve their business and working with their customers. CPC in the meantime has closed corporate retail stores while the competition has opened up new store fronts.

Canada Post claims to be losing millions of dollars but at the same time are doing a multitude of renovations to the Gateway Plant and across Canada for the expansion of MLOCR.  This machine will only handle letter mail which is a service CPC insists has and will continue to drop in volume.

Instead of investing in the areas where there is  growth for CPC re: parcels, pubs and ads, working with small businesses; CPC’s answer is to eliminate services to Canadian Citizens instead of expanding and looking at a business plan for the future that provides and maintains the existing door to door delivery.

In the midst of the busiest time of the year Postal Workers are once again asked to do more with less, in spite of this volume records for parcels have been broken not once but twice so far this year.

Postal Workers are left to wonder how big this year’s bonuses will be for management.  Will it be as big as 2012 or better? Just think if the five point plan is implemented how big the bonuses will be while seniors, disabled and all citizens of Canada worry about how they are going to pick up their mail.

Members, their families and friends should contact their Member of Parliament and voice their desire to continue to provide a long tradition of providing good and dependable public services for the citizens of Canada.

In Solidarity,


Joanne Leader

2nd Vice President, Toronto Local

Canadian Union of Postal Workers

December 13, 2013





ARTICLE 48.04 –




Dear Sisters and Brothers: 

Two grievances were filed for the letter carrier restructures that were implemented at Toronto Station “T” on May 14, 2012 and the other station was for Weston “B”. 

The issue for these grievances being filed was that the route measurement officers for Canada Post & local management for Canada Post did not provide a meal location for motorized letter carriers on route.  

Arbitrator Von Veh allowed the grievances and following is some of the highlights from his decision: 

a)    The Corporation ignored communications from the Union dated November 21, 2011 and December 21, 2011 requesting assistance in location suitable meal locations for routes located in Toronto station “T”. 

b)    The Corporation ignored communications from employees dated May 14 and May 16, 2012 requesting suitable meal locations for routes located in Toronto Station “T”. 

c)    No steps were taken by the Corporation to in any way assist employees in locating locations for suitable meal breaks, bearing in mind criteria for meal locations set forth in Article 48.04 (a). 


·         The Corporation and Union are ordered to assign an equal number of representatives to a committee to review each restructured route within Toronto Station “T” and a view to determine whether for each route there exists a suitable meal location.  Such suitable meal location must comply with the criteria for meal locations set out in Article 48.04 (a) and the three (3) minute travel time allowance set out in Article 48.04 (f).  Such determinations are to be completed on or before January 31, 2014. 

·         Should the parties not identify a suitable meal location for any of the restructured routes within Toronto Station “T’, then, such routes shall be adjusted to permit employees on such routes to return to the postal installation in order to have his/her meal.  The adjustment of such routes shall be finalized on or before February 28, 2014. 

·         The Parties are directed to determine what, if any, compensation is owed to any employees in Toronto Station “T” by virtue of the provisions of Article 48.04 (b).  Such determination shall be completed on or before February 28, 2014. 

·         I remain seized of any outstanding issues pertaining to these grievances. 

·         The terms of this Order apply to all restructured routes at Weston Station “B”. 

Trusting you will find the above informative, we remain,                                                                                                                       

In Solidarity, 

Joanne Leader,                                                                                                  Stacey Mills,

2ND Vice-President,                                                                                             3rd Vice-President,

CUPW Toronto Local.                                                                                         CUPW Toronto Local.




Pension Update

Sisters and Brothers:

Everyone is concerned about the state of our pension plan, and we want you to be aware of everything that has happened for the Corporation to get relief from the money they owe to the pension plan that would be sustainable.

The Conservative Government has informed Canada Post of its intent to introduce regulations that would provide relief from the need to make special payments in the Canada Post pension plan.  This relief would be for 4 years from 2014 to 2017.  This according to the Conservative Government would provide a period of time for the Corporation to transform their business plan and our pension plan.

It is disappointing that the bonuses were not cut off for management as that would have been millions a year in savings.  But without this pension relief Canada Post would have had to have made special payments of 1Billion dollars in 2014 which they can't afford.

Since 2011 Canada Post has utilized the solvency relief measures available to all Agent Crown Corporations under the Pension Benefits Standards Act 1985 to reduce solvency payments.

Over the next 4 years many things could change and interest rates and investments could skyrocket.  There could be a new Government after 2015 and the circumstances of our pension could change again.  Services could change where we could be successful in same day delivery parcels, banking and any other services that would add revenue to the Corporation.  The Union has been arguing this for years. 

The Corporation’s argument is always negative saying that interest rates could stay low, and the fact that people are living longer benefits would have to be paid out for a longer period of time.  They say this with no qualms of taking 2 bonuses a year amounting to millions.

Having said all this it is our intention to watch closely how the plan is doing over the next 4 years, talking to actuaries and informing the membership on a regular basis how the pension plan is doing.  In the meantime normal pension contributions from Canada Post and from Plan Members will continue to be made during this relief period.  There will be no change at this time in the benefits and pension payout.

In Solidarity,                                   


John Slattery                                             Darryl Ellis

4th Vice-President, Benefits Officer       President, Toronto Local, CUPW

Toronto Local, CUPW









Dear Sisters and Brothers: 

I realize all the frustration that members are going through attempting to get their Record of Employment, Sun Life Packages and general information pertaining to Disability. 

I have forwarded my complaints to Sister Cathy Kavadas, Regional Grievance Officer, who in turn, is forwarding my issues to National. 

I am outraged how our members are being treated in particular, getting access to Sun Life packages and E.I. sick benefits. 

I assure you that I am dealing with this and hopefully we will have some answers on these issues within the next two weeks. Please watch the bulletin boards for further updates. 

In Solidarity,


John Slattery,

4th Vice-President,

CUPW Toronto Local.  

JAN 15,2013



Flawed, Failed, Abandoned

Billions in Public Taxes Risked by P3 Hospital Privatization: 100 Failed, Flawed and Abandoned Projects Used to Warn Politicians: A new report, released today by health coalitions across Canada, outlines 100 failed, flawed or abandoned infrastructure projects undertaken using the controversial P3 privatization model.

Click here for the website to retrieve more information http://www.web.net/ohc

Canadian Labour Congress http://www.canadianlabour.ca/

Toronto and York Labour council http://www.labourcouncil.ca/

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